Jelly Sweets

Разработка дизайна упаковки Разработка дизайна упаковки

01 Objective

Jelly sweets produced by Sirius Confectionary Factory provide natural pleasure with the taste of strawberries, lemons, apples, cherries, oranges and blueberries. Only natural berry and fruit ingredients are used in the production of fillings.

Our task was to convey the natural and juicy taste of sweets. That’s why we suggested the use of light tones and the associative watercolor drawings as the main idea.

Разработка идеи упаковки

The combination of the constructive shape of the fruit and the natural chaos of the watercolor.

Разработка концепций упаковки

02 The Variety of Tastes

Акварельные рисунки для упаковки

For all the six tastes, we selected the drawings, as if painted from real life. Watercolor objects are newly harvested fruits and berries. In combination with the white background, they create a sense of naturalness and simplicity of home-made delicacies, familiar to all of us since childhood.

All six tastes have different color shades. That’s why they cannot be mixed up even after a quick glance. Once on the table, multicolored jelly candies evoke the feeling of lightness and home comfort.

Дизайн упаковки конфет Вкусный дизайн упаковки
Дизайн проект упаковки

03 More Work for Sirius

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