01 Art Stylus

LG Stylus 3 is one of the top LG smartphones of 2017. It allows its owners to create handwritten notes, calligraphic signatures and drawings with the help of stylus.

A bright modern image complemented with the live graphics has been chosen as an idea for the advertising concept implementation.

Создание эскизов для ключевого образа

02 Drawing Details

Specifically for the key visual, we created a picture. It was the composition consisting of a swift winged swallow, fluttering butterflies and wild flowers. The spring theme was chosen not for nothing, this season coincided with the time when the smartphone started being on sale.

Создание эскизов иллюстраций Разработка рисунков для рекламы
Создание рисунков для рекламы

03 Photo and Finalization

For the advertising image, we selected the character corresponding to the target audience of the smartphone. We completed the layout with the unique features of the product.

Also we chose warm spring colors and shades. This all constitutes an advertising image for the LG Stylus 3 smartphone.

Рисунок для рекламного образа
Креативное рекламное агентство Креативное агентство для LG
Разработка дизайна рекламы

04 Client's Review

05 More Work for LG Electronics

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