01 The Adventures of Mikhail Bashkatov in Russia

LG K10 smartphone has a very interesting feature. It can shoot by a hand gesture. Based on the existing key visual and the slogan with Mikhail Bashkatov, we created an updated advertising layout for a special price offer.

Key Visual Adaptation LG K10

This time Mikhail Kolosalapy kept a company to Mikhail Bashkatov. Easy and fun communication formed the basis for an integrated marketing campaign in outdoor advertising, on posters, banners and in Instagram advertising.

Key Visual Adaptation LG K10 Дизайн ключевого образа LG K10

Say "goodbye" to bad selfies and “hello” to the Russian bear!

Создание баннера для сайта LG K10

02 Client's Review

03 More Work for LG Electronics

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LG X power

LG X power