01Beauty and Identity

Profimarket is a group of companies that specializes in the supply of cosmetics for youth and beauty maintenance. The main audience includes professionals of cosmetology and aesthetic surgery fields.

For the existing logo, we introduced instructions, brand colors, and developed a recognizable pattern.

Логотип Profimarket

02Corporate Colors, Fonts and Pattern

03Corporate Identity

The rules of work with the brand pattern presuppose different variants of its usage. The first ornament is the main one, it is solid and classic. The second one includes seasonal elements. The third one occupies 50% of the surface area and it is intended for adding textual information.

Фирменная айдентика Profimarket

The brand guidelines includes writing tools and various types of notebooks, as well as leaflets, business cards and plastic bags. The design of corporate identity media corresponds to the target audience including the experts of the beauty industry.

Visual Identity Profimarket Visual Identity Profimarket
Visual Identity Profimarket Visual Identity Profimarket
Visual Identity Profimarket

04Seasonal Branding

On the one hand, the corporate identity of Profimarket group of companies has a strict style; on the other hand, it opens the opportunities for bright seasonal branding.

Emotions can be transmitted with the help of thematic patterns or illustrations.

Visual Identity Profimarket
Visual Identity Profimarket Сезонная листовка Profimarket
Сезонный брендинг Profimarket
Visual Identity Profimarket Дизайн календаря Profimarket

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