01 Objective

The agency client is a company specializing in selling cosmetics from Korea, Japan and other Asian countries.

Eastern methods of care combine rich traditions, rare ingredients and latest technologies. We needed to reveal these characteristics in verbal and visual communication.

02 Naming

Flowers constitute an integral part of Korean culture. Many poems and artworks are dedicated to them. They symbolize female beauty and youth. Flowers and herbs form the part of the eastern care products.

In English, "Bloom" means flowering, blush. We added a soft ending "-io" to the word which provides its own identity and recognizability.

03 Logotype Concepts

Concepts suggested by us develop the idea of flowering beauty.

Концепции логотипа Bloomio

04 Logo and Visual Identity

The chosen variant of the trademark is a combination of elegant face lines of a young Asian girl and the light font.

Corporate colors include blue shades of the eastern seas and pink tenderness of the petals. An additional style-building element is a pattern inspired by classical Korean ornament.

Логотип и фирменный стиль для корейской косметики
Логотип и фирменный стиль для корейской косметики Логотип и фирменный стиль для корейской косметики

05 Visual Identity on the Website

We made the design of the company's online store correspond to the corporate identity. Navigation elements, text and title fonts form a logical continuation of the developed system of visual communication.

Naming, Logo and Visual Identity Bloomio
Логотип и фирменный стиль для корейской косметики

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