01 Objective

Sirius factory produces a wide range of confectionary products. Recently, unique sweets were added to their coin jar. We were supposed to create a brand name for sweets with animals and to develop a packaging concept.

Apart from the excellent taste, the original packaging design is what makes them different from their competitors. Eyes, ears, paws and other parts of the animals´ body are painted on the transparent wrapping paper. And the round candy itself stands as the body. Such original sweets have all the chances to stand out in the display window.

02 Naming

For the sweets, we have developed a branded name and the packaging concept.
The name Zoo-Zoo is simple and capable of evoking associations.

Voiced "Z" creates a vivid sound, and the repetition of words sets the rhythm. Due to this, the name is easy to remember and it's pleasant to say it out loud.

Создание наименования для драже

03 Packaging Design Concept

Концепция дизайна упаковки

The works of Soviet animated cartoon artists and the images of Disney characters served as the sources of inspiration.

Референсы для дизайна персонажей Концепция дизайна упаковки
Naming and Packaging Concept Zoo-Zoo Референсы для дизайна персонажей

The concept is made in modern animation style. Animals differ not only by appearance. Each of them has its own character and background. Every animal is also supposed to have its own name and history, reminding us of our favourite characters from the world of animation.

Naming and Packaging Concept Zoo-Zoo
Naming and Packaging Concept Zoo-Zoo Концепция дизайна упаковки
Naming and Packaging Concept Zoo-Zoo

Unfortunately, our idea of animals´ images was not accepted. Sirius company chose its own version for production that was made in more reserved style.

The sweets became a real hit on the market and they are extremely popular, especially among the youngest customers having a sweet tooth!

04 More Work for Sirius

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