Logo and Visual Identity


Logo and Visual Identity Seendex

01 Logotype

Seendex is a platform for autonomous management of companies based on artificial intelligence technologies. Seendex customers are large state and private corporations interested in the dynamic management of socio-technical systems in the era of a digital networked economy. Working on the visual communication of the brand, we needed to create a socially-oriented identification corresponding to both the aesthetics of free modern thinking and the thoroughness of the BI product.

The use of animated characters contributes to the attractiveness and recognition of the logo at the psychological level. Therefore, as the main idea of the concept development, we selected animals endowed with the features of Seendex platform.

Концепции логотипов Seendex

Trying different variants, together with the Customer we came up with the final version of the logo. The graphics is based on a stylized image of an octopus, a symbol of depth and transformation, and on the magnifying glass, associated with science and cognition.

Создание логотипа Seendex

02 Colors, Font and Pattern

Corporate colors include the tones typical for the IT industry.

An additional styling element of the corporate style is a wave made in two primary colors.

In addition to the main marine color, variations are presented for the use in the by-products of Seendex family.

Дополнительная цветовая идентификация

03 Elements of Corporate Identity

The design of company’s corporate identity is maintained in the style of logo. Separate elements, as well as their combinations, create a memorable image of the company ensuring brand recognition via any communication channels.

Дизайн носителей фирменного стиля Seendex Дизайн носителей фирменного стиля Seendex

04 Client's Review

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