01 Objective

The LG X power 2 is a truly charged smartphone. It has a powerful 4500 mAh battery which allows forgetting about the charger for a long time.

Our task was to show it with the help of a clear and beautiful metaphor.

02 Key Visual and Slogan

The long lasting phone battery is most useful during the long journeys. Therefore, we found a photo of a trip through the Altai Territory. All the necessary associations such as stunning mountain views, the remoteness from civilization, the thirst for adventures that is familiar to everyone, are included in the selected image.
To complement the image, we came up with a slogan containing key information about the benefits of the LG X power 2 smartphone: "Travel Long Charge" ("Заряд, длиною в путешествие").

For the image found, we have created a tourist app interface in Material Design for Android. It shows the way our adventurers pass. The USP of the smartphone is located in the bottom part of the key visual. Apart from the battery, it includes a bright HD display and a large selfie camera, which is also useful for travelling.

Дизайн ключевого образа LG X power 2 Дизайн ключевого образа LG X power 2

03 Leaflet Design

Based on the key image, we created a leaflet with a story about LG X power 2. It can help its viewers to familiarize with all the features of the model.

Дизайн лифлета LG X power 2
Key Visual and Slogan LG X power 2 Key Visual and Slogan LG X power 2

As the background, we use our painted pattern that includes the obligatory attributes of travel such as a tent, a thermos, a cup and a compass.

Key Visual and Slogan LG X power 2

04 Client's Review

05 More Work for LG Electronics

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