01 Naming

Organic fruit chips are far from being the most ordinary and common products. However, there is already quite a heavy competition on the market. Our task was to create a unique brand that would help to reveal all the advantages of the product to a Customer. Beginning our work on the project, first of all we tasted the range of our Customers’ products such as pineapple, orange, apple and banana chips. They differ from our competitor’s products by the incredibly thin slicing carried out in a manual way, as well as by rich taste and loud crunch. Before becoming a chip, each fruit is selected in accordance with the established quality standards.

Having crunched with the chips to our heart’s content and having gone through hundreds of variants, we came up with the catchy name Crunchy Crew that one would easily remember.

Нейминг для фруктовых чипсов Crunchy Crew

02 Packaging Concepts

After that, we moved to the ideas of packages. Apart from making them appealing, we needed to solve some technological problems. First, we had to ensure the preservation of finished products during their transportation. Secondly, we were supposed to demonstrate the product from several perspectives so that a beautiful external view and the thin slicing would be visible to the customers.

Third, we were to remain within the limited price of producing packages.
In order to implement this, we suggested the variant with the hard cubic-shaped box having a transparent window on at least two sides of the package. This design will allow our customers to see the product, evaluate the thickness and the quality of chips.

03 Concept 1

The first concept is executed in the artistic style similar to expressionism. The pictures of fruits are painted with the bold strokes.

The tones used convey a feeling of freshness and naturalness.

Концепции упаковок Crunchy Crew

04 Concept 2

The second concept offers a strict, premium style.

Clear geometric lines, minimalistic typography, and deep colors - all this makes the product look more expensive in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Концепции упаковок Crunchy Crew

05 Concept 3

The third idea suggested by us is based on bright colors and a cheerful main character.

Macaw parrot together with a rainforest evoke a direct association with fresh tropical fruits. This concept was chosen by the Customer.

Концепции упаковок Crunchy Crew

06 Visual Identity and Infographics

To make the idea suit various tastes, we developed a scheme based on Pantone colors.

For the informative part of the package we have created a bright infographics that visually demonstrates all the advantages of the product.

Инфографика Crunchy Crew
Фирменные цвета упаковок Crunchy Crew Фирменный персонаж упаковок Crunchy Crew

07 Crispy Delights

The background color and the color of a parrot may vary depending on the type of fruit.
The material of the package has a texture; the relief stamping evokes a pleasant tactile sensation.

The developed Crunchy Crew brand is notable for its special character and for the ease of perception. Delicious and healthy snacks in the original packaging attract the attention of a wide range of customers.

Дизайн упаковки фруктовых чипсов Crunchy Crew
Дизайн упаковки фруктовых чипсов Crunchy Crew Дизайн упаковки фруктовых чипсов Crunchy Crew
Дизайн упаковки фруктовых чипсов Crunchy Crew

08 Presentation Design

We have created a bright, short but informative presentation for the Customers and the partners of Crunchy Crew.

After reviewing the presentation, there will be no questions left as to whether to purchase the products. Crunchy Crew is a useful delight evoking pleasure!

Naming, Logo and Packaging Crunchy Crew

09 Client's Review

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