Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines


Разработка брендбука Разработка брендбука


Footlandiya (Футландия) is a network of football clubs for preschoolers. At the moment, the network has 25 branches, 15 of which are franchised. Today it is the only preschool football club in Russia that works according to the methodology approved and recommended by the Russian Football Union.

Our task was to develop a system of visual communication and corporate identity. For company management, it was important to establish clear rules of working with the brand for further business development according to the franchising model.


As an experiment, we tried to change the existing recognizable logo with a zebra footballer character. We have suggested several conceptual variants. Our main idea was to make the logo more similar to the logo of the professional football clubs.

Разработка концепций логотипа

To preserve recognizability, we decided to leave the existing logo, making small adjustment to it.

Логотип для футбольного клуба Футландия

03Corporate Identity

All the corporate colors are bright, children love such shades very much. For some people these colors may remind of the current uniform of FC Barcelona. We can assure you that we developed this scheme before the famous Catalans started using it.

As a style-forming element, we also developed a corporate pattern consisting of an adapted character image and the images corresponding to football and holiday themes.

Bright colors combined with the zebra make corporate documentation look very positive.

Разработка фирменного стиля
Разработка фирменного стиля Разработка фирменного стиля

The main element of the corporate style is the character that represents the child, reflects his or her character and emotions. Due to this, we decided to make a living character in order to increase the degree of emotional appeal of the concept.

All sorts of "peeping" and tilting the head became the simplest and the most effective solutions. The additional effect can be achieved by a simple animation where the separate elements, such as eyes, ears, a mane, a ball, will be involved.

Разработка брендбука

04Promotional Materials

We have developed the templates for all sorts of promotional materials such as flyers, booklets, posters. Bright design combined with the offer of a free trial lesson increase the chances of leaflets not to be thrown away to the nearest trash bin.

Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines Footlandiya Дизайн промо-материалов
Дизайн промо-материалов

An important part of training kids is the attendance diary. For their diligent attendance and their success on the field, young football players receive marks in the form of stickers with the text “Well done!” And after achieving certain results, they receive valuable sports gifts.

Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука
Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука

For placement inside and outside the premises, we have developed templates for advertising layouts. There can be any other text or image information instead of the picture. Photographs should be used only when the location of a roll-up installation ensures their normal perception.

Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука

05Uniform and Navigation

We have developed a full set of uniforms for the coaching staff including T-shirts, men's and women's polo shirts, sweat jackets and shorts. For the better contrast with the color of the material, the layouts with white outlines are used.

Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука
Дизайн формы одежды Дизайн брендбука

The uniform for pupils differs from the uniform of professional football players. This is done in order to save the family budget of young champions’ parents, and to make the uniform of 100% natural materials.

Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука

In order to make it easier to find the Footlandiya (Футландия) branch in the building, we have developed special guides and signs.

Дизайн брендбука Дизайн брендбука

06Souvenir Products

Дизайн брендбука

It is no secret that children love presents very much. That is the reason why we created a souvenir design with the favorite zebra. It includes a funny puzzle piece, a fridge magnet and a soccer ball with a traditional net.

Сувенирная продукция Дизайн брендбука

07Footlandiya is the territory of pleasure, joy and health!

Футландия Футландия

Making the child attend one of the clubs of the network, you can rest assured of the quality of the educational process, the safety of the programs, the care and professionalism of the coaches. Footlandiya (Футландия) will contribute to unlocking football potential at an early stage. It will also help to have fun, to spend a great time and most importantly - to find true friends!

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